Hi. I’m Martin Činčár, the founder of Caron Twice Fonts, and I’d like to tell you a bit about our type design studio.

At Caron Twice we believe that there is power in letters, and these days a quality font is more important than ever before. Usain Bolt didn’t become the fastest man on the planet by running barefoot; likewise, a young, ambitious company’s goal of reaching the top would be severely hampered without a precise graphic identity. That’s almost as important today as the product itself. Simply put, the logo, the color palette, and a confident typeface account for thirty percent of your success. At Caron Twice we’re ready to work with you to create an original typeface for your graphic identity, from the starting line to the final dot.

For those who would like a simple or low-budget option, Caron Twice has eight off-the-shelf typefaces that unquestionably fit the bill for clean lines, confidence, and power. We’ve spent a really long time working on these typefaces and we don’t regret a single minute of it, because each of them represents an exceptionally powerful and practical font in their class. These typefaces are all finished and ready to accompany your book, company, or ad campaign. All you need to do is pick the right one for your product.

Let your the font speak clearly and look great – these are the words we work by.

We cooperate with:
Licence agreement – Iva Javorská
Web coding – Kris (Florian Karsten)
Variable font settings – David Řeřicha
Cyrillic script consultant – Ilya Bazhanov
Web and social sites consultant – Jarda Matějů